About Growth Hacking School | Discover the School of the Future


Growth Hacking School is a digitally native and fully remote Edtech Startup that trains Growth Teams or Individuals in order to fight the “digital skills gap”.

By applying state of the art Growth Strategies we believe that our work can lead to long-term sustainable Growth to any business.

There is a quick expansion of the digital world, and we are seing a big distance appearing between companies and professionals that is leading to a lack of qualified professionals increase the “digital skills gap”.

That’s why and how Growth Hacking School was born.


Our Mission is to educate at least 1 million professionals to have a Growth Mindset and digital know-how, so they can help to grow businesses in a sustainable way. 


Our team is scattered around the world 🌍 and we believe that by being remote we can be at a global scale quicker.