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80% Cost Per Lead Decrease in LinkedIn Ads

TL;DR: We tested a lot of stuff, and made a lot of variations, refined the messaged and decreased the CPL from 205€ to 45€. Phase 1 CPL: 21st June - 7th July   Phase 2 CPL: 12th - 24th August  Overview LinkedIn Ads are not as common as Facebook or Instagram,...

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Traction: How to Find Untapped Channels to Achieve Growth

Knowing the AARRR framework back and forth is great, having lots of Ideas in your Growth Process is also amazing, and the last key 🔑 for Growth success is having a clear idea of where to be in order to communicate with your Personas. Gabriel Weinberg wrote an amazing...

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A.A.R.R.R. Framework

John went to the gym early in the morning. Afterwards, like usual, he dropped by his favourite supermarket to buy some stuff. He had a small shopping list and it was feeling hungry so he knew that it would be quick. He arrives, picks up the shopping cart, and goes...

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Growth Process 101: From 0 to 💯

Now that we've define a clear Value Proposition, and you know exactly who are your Personas, it's time to start preparing the ground base rules of what Growth Hacking is and to create scalable processes. Remember the Growth Hacking definition: "Experience-Driven...

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