How to Create 1 Persona

Creating a Persona is essential for any brand.

Whether it’s online or offline marketing, it’s important to know who you’re communicating to.

Today we’re going to talk about the kinds of questions you should ask to find the right profile for your ideal client.

These are the kind of questions you should focus on when you’re filling out our template.

  • What is the ideal customer profile that will help you leverage your Value Proposition?
  • What do they want to do in their daily lives?
  • How and when is the best time and moment to interact with them?
  • What are your biggest challenges?
  • What are your Goals and Objectives and how can you help achieve them?

But before we move on, let’s explain to you what a Persona is.

Unfortunately at Growth Hacking School, we have a Template completely Free, that allows you to build your persona in just 5 minutes.

Template Build a Persona (Free)LP Persona EN

Template Build a Persona (Free)LP Persona EN

What is a Persona?

This name, Persona, refers to fictional, generalized representations of real people.

By grouping people into categories, it is much easier for a brand, product or service to tailor its content, its message these groups of people.

It’s as simple as that.

How many personas should I create?

There is no base value of X personas that should be created, but speaking from experience, the recommended number of Personas to start outlining a Winning Growth Strategy is a minimum of 3.

If you only need to identify 1 persona, you can probably get it wrong, but with 3, you’ll be more accurate because you’ll be widening your chances.

The more information you have, the better the customer ideal, and the easier it will be for your team to create a communication scheme.

Where should I start to find my Personas?

This is where this template gets better and better, there is no wrong answer.

There are a multitude of possibilities you can implement to define your persona.

These are the most common:

If you want to see how you can use these tools in practical cases, sign up for our course: Foundations of Growth.

  • Create user surveys
  • Talk to your team

How to create a Buyer Persona?

There are several ways to create a Buyer Persona, on the Internet you can find simple, or very complex ways.

Here are some tips:

If you’re going to survey your actual users or customers, you can simply put together a bunch of the following questions and share them with them.

If you’re still starting out, you’ll have to create personas based on your own assumptions.

Of course, this will be easily biased to our own worldview, but if we can distance ourselves and our own opinions and beliefs when creating a persona, all the better.

This is not easy and quick to do, which is why if we are rigorous, and precise the better we will be facing our persona’s vision.

Start by identifying your persona’s gender and age group.

Even if you’re selling a unisex product or for any age group, separating by age groups and/or genders is a good practice.

When you were 18, I didn’t have the same interests that you have when you’re 50.

In order to identify the ideal Persona, the following questions will help you think like the persona you are trying to build.


  • What is your profession?
  • What are your day-to-day tasks?
  • What is the level of knowledge and tools that are used?
  • Do you work remotely or at a work site?

Daily Tasks

Describes the step-by-step of a typical day:

  • 7AM: wake up, shower, brush teeth, put cream on
  • 8AM: Have Family Breakfast
  • 8:30AM: Catch the Metro
  • 9AM: Work
  • 11AM: Morning Break and talk to Employees
  • 12:30PM: Quick Lunch and Coffee
  • 1PM: Back to Work and review emails that came in during the morning
  • 2PM: Work Meetings
  • 3PM: Second Break
  • 5PM: Tired of Working, back to the subway
  • 5:15PM: Going to the Gym or Picking Up the Kids
  • 6:30PM: Get Home
  • 7PM: Make Dinner
  • 8PM: Putting Children to Bed and Going to Sleep
  • 9PM: Rest and Relax, Read, Watch a Movie, etc
  • 10PM: Sleep

Considering your product or service and based on what you’ve just read, when do you think is the ideal time to communicate with your persona?

What would you tell him if you could talk to him face-to-face?

Life Goals

  • What is your main goal in life right now? Having children, buying a house, getting promoted at work?
  • What are the biggest challenges and objections? What is it that keeps you up at night?

News and Social Media

  • Where does she get her information? Newsletters, Online Newspapers?
  • What are the blogs, Youtube channels, or TV channels she usually watches and listens to?
  • What are your favorite social media platforms?

Purchasing Behavior

  • If you were to make a purchase would you prefer to do it online or offline?
  • How would they prefer to interact with a brand or business?

After answering 90% of these questions you will undoubtedly start thinking differently.

That’s why our Template is so strong, because you already have it all set up just think and write.

This will help you put yourself in the mindset of your Persona.

If someone asked you, after this to identify the best time to sell a pair of sneakers or programming software, you would already know the ideal time to communicate and how you would go about it.

The first principle of Growth Hacking is: Marketing geared towards the user experience.

The most important thing is: we usually communicate to ourselves and most people don’t understand because they are not inside the problem.


Build your personas.

If you have customers go interview them.

Learn more about them.

If not, use the tools that are available online.

Once again, you have our template, free, click here.

This will help you be more precise in your future efforts and find new areas to explore.


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