How to Create a Unique Value Proposition?

Creating a Unique Value Proposition requires spending a lot of time thinking about what makes us different.

And that’s why 72% of new products and services fail!

Fortunately, the Value Proposition Canvas is the go-to that helps us be faster, efficient and saves us some time.

How to Fill the Value Proposition Canvas?

The Value Proposition Canvas is divided into 2 sections, the Value Proposition on the Left and the Customer Profile on the Right.

You start by filling the Right Side, to understand what your Customer actually wants from a product or service like the one that you provide.

Then, and only after knowing your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), you will fill the left side, with the pains, gains and features that your product or service will offer to that ICP.

Let’s start 👇

Customer Profile

Value Proposition Canvas Right Side - Customer Profile
Right Side of the Value Proposition Canvas – Customer Profile
  • Gains – the benefits which the customer expects and needs, what would delight customers and the things which may increase likelihood of adopting a value proposition.
    • Example: A laptop that is light and easy to carry, that looks like a new model in the market
  • Pains – the negative experiences, emotions and risks that the customer experiences in the process of getting the job done.
    • Example: A laptop that overheats, Battery doesn’t last for 2 hours commuting, it’s slow after a couple of months
  • Customer jobs – the functional, social and emotional tasks customers are trying to perform, problems they are trying to solve and needs they wish to satisfy.
    • Examples: Brian needs to buy a new Laptop
      • Functional: A tool that allows Brian to Work when commuting (ie: easy to carry, with enough battery and portable)
      • Social: Hardworking individual
      • Emotional: Feeling of money well spent, is improving is professional life

A customer profile should be created for each customer segment, as each segment has distinct gains, pains and jobs.

Value Proposition

Left Side of the Value Proposition Canvas - Value Proposition
Left Side of the Value Proposition Canvas – Value Proposition
  • Gain creators – how the product or service creates customer gains and how it offers added value to the customer.
    • Example: Lightweight laptop, that is perfect for daily tasks such has email usage
  • Pain relievers – a description of exactly how the product or service alleviates customer pains.
    • Example: One of the best lifetime batteries in market
  • Products and services – the products and services which create gain and relieve pain, and which underpin the creation of value for the customer.
    • Example: A new computer brand that created a laptop designed for Digital Nomads

Note: If you operate in B2B and B2C, you can create a VPC to each of the verticals.

When you finish defining your Value Proposition Canvas, you will have a clear:

  • Vision about your business Value Proposition
  • What type of Product or Service you are going to Promote
  • What type of possible Customers you will have to segment

You already know what is your ideal USP, and you have an idea about your customers Jobs to be Done, Pains and Gains.

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