Build your Persona in 4 Steps

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Persona Soft Skills

How to Build a Persona?

In this template, divided into 4 sections, you will be able to fill your Buyer Persona quickly.

It will take only 5 Minutes!!!

This template will help you to understand who your Persona is and how to communicate with it in a more effective way.

Some of the questions that you will answer are related with:

  • Work: which is their job and daily tasks
  • Life goals: their dreams and achievements
  • Daily Habits: so you know where to get in touch with them
  • And much more…

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Tested and Used N Amount of Times

This template is used by our Growth Hacking School trainers when they are doing their G2K Sessions with their Customers.

Our trainers work on a daily basis in Growth Marketing and are fully aware of the latest trends, and we cam promise you this, this template is part of that!

One thing we will guarantee you, they will never start working in a new market, without knowing who their Buyer Persona is.

And truth be told, if you are already here, it’s because this is something of your interest.

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