The P.I.E.S Framework

Are you looking for tool or framework that will help you to choose which is the best test to start your experiments?

At Growth Hacking School we use a framework that has a wide usage by several of companies worldwide. Hubspot being one of them.

This framwork is called P.I.E.S.

P.I.E.S. is a prioritization framework that was designed by Chris Goward, the Founder of WiderFunnel. Since then, lots of companies have already adopted this framework in their Growth Efforts.

At GHS we consider this framework to be quite simple and easy to include in our Growth Process.

You can learn more about it at: Growth Foundations.

Why is P.I.E.S. so important for the Growth Process?

This framework is essential if in your Ideate Phase you have several ideas to choose and you don’t know where to start.

Testing is crucial to Growth but knowing where to start testing is also as important.

There area limited time and resources in each business and P.I.E.S will help you to rank your ideas, from best to worst.

Of course each of these rankings will be based on empirical knowledge.

Who should be on the Process?

This is where you would want to have your Growth Team together, or if you don’t have a growth team, try to get involved most of the people that will be working on your experiments.

It is really important that you don’t do this process alone, because the end result can be biased by your assumptions.

Remember that what we assume that is correct, can be wrong. And by having other colleagues perspectives on this, the final result will be more accurate and not so biased as it could be.

Leaving egos aside is also something that this framework does.

By having a process of evaluation for each idea that will be tested, each ego will be brushed aside.

Even if you are the most knowledgeable person in a field, having a new perspective will always help to broaden your horizons, leading to different outcomes!

That’s why having a team to work with you on this is crucial.

P.I.E.S. – Stands for?

Each of the word in this framework have a meaning and knowing what each of them means is utterly important to rank your ideas.

The three criteria that you should consider are: Potential, Importance, and Ease.


Consider the following questions when scoring this criteria:

  • What is the real potential of this experience?
  • Do you consider that there is lots of potential in unlocking growth for your North Start Metric with this idea?
  • Is this Idea so impactful that will be better than the other ones?
  • What is the improvement that this idea can bring to the table?


  • How impactful can this be for your business?
  • Will this lead to long-term sucess?
  • If this idea happens to work will this achieve virality for your product/service?


  • How difficult will it be to implement a test on this page or template?
  • How much effort will we have to do this?
  • How long it will take to set up everything?

How do you evaluate the final outcome?


Each critearia should be given a value of 1 to 5 being that

1 – Extremely Hard

2 – Hard

3 – Neutral

4 – Easy

5 – Extremely Easy

In the end, just multiply each of the 3 criteria and then you will have your final score.

The highest possible value is 125 and the lowest is 3.

Growth Hacking School PIES Preview

This scoring system will help you to quickly understand which is the experiments that you should start right now and which of those you should postpone.


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