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Build a stable and predictable growth loop to empower your Business.

Learn useful Resources, Tools & Tips from Experienced Professionals.

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For Businesses

Unlock and discover untapped markets for your business.

Apply a Growth Mindset into any of your teams or lets us help you build and educate a Growth team.

For Individuals

Harness the full power of Growth Marketing by learning the Fundamentals or Advanced Tips.

Train your Growth Mindset to deliver useful  Experiments that will leverage your business, leading to a Hockey Stick Growth.

Learn & Implement Growth Loops

Growth Loops are an integral part of a Growth Hacking Strategy.

But just knowing how to create them it isn’t enough.

We will teach you how to implement and choose the best A/B testing experiments to create a sucessful Growth Loop.

Create Amazing Funnels

“Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat”   —Sun Tzu

Knowing how to envision a Funnel will help you easily and quickly to implement the experiments that will lead you to the right path.


Available Courses

2-Day Crash Course

Learn the Fundamentals and Growth Frameworks that will lead to a Growth Mindset.

High-Intensity and knowledge sharing Sessions to improve your growth skills and quickly learn and implement the basics.

1-Week Full Outline

Grow your Mindset with an in-depth analysis of your business bottlenecks.

Begin by analyzing and defining your Funnel next step strategies and A/B tests to unlock next-level growth.


6-Week All Around

Harness the full power by learning and implementing Growth Hacks in your business.

Implement your Growth Mindset Experiments in your business, leading to a Hockey Stick Growth.


Why Growth Hacking?

Growth Hacking is not going to make you rich instantly.

Growth is a process, it will take time.

But by having a Growth Mindset, the benefits will be there.

You’ll look into thinks with a different perspective!

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Learn Anywhere

GHS is a fully remote Growth School.

Our business model allows us to quickly shift our tools and be anywhere at anytime.

By being flexible we can easily give you the best courses and tools in one of two ways:

1. In-Person Classes 

2. Online Classes

Just choose your desired outcome!



“An interactive class, with lots of knowledge shared and a trainer with excellent communication skills.”

Student @ Factory Braga

Marketing Digital #40, Growth Hacking Class

“I worked directly with GHS, being responsible for design made for his marketing department, and he has shown skills in business, insight of the market, analytics and planning.

I believe that, with the right resources, he is able to accomplish any goals”

Rafael Silva

Creative Director, Unloop

“The exercises made the diference and the trainer knew how to make the session more dynamic.

Student @ Factory Braga

Marketing Digital #39, Growth Hacking Class