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This course focuses on explaining what it is, and how to apply Growth Hacking techniques in 5 Days.

You start by learning the basics and then understand how to create strategies.

Daily Growth Hacking Classes:

  • Day 1: The Growth Hacker Mindset.
  • Day 2: The Value Proposition Canvas.
  • Day 3: The Product Market Fit (PMF).
  • Day 4: How to Structure A Growth Loop.
  • Day 5: 3 Growth Hacking Case Studies.

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Exercises & Case Studies

In each of the 5 e-mails, you will get 1 exercise every day.

Read an example of a Case Study in our blog.

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The Growth Marketing Course is FREE, without any added perks. You just your e-mail to subscribe.

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Define your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)

If there’s one way to make your marketing and sales efforts more effective, then it’s this. Your products or services have a certain value. And that value is the highest for a specific kind of audience. For example: you’re selling a SAAS solution and for one type of...

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How to Create a Unique Value Proposition?

How to Create a Unique Value Proposition?

Creating a Unique Value Proposition requires spending a lot of time thinking about what makes us different. And that's why 72% of new products and services fail! https://twitter.com/PedroTalaia/status/1629421516398919680?s=20 Fortunately, the Value Proposition Canvas...

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The P.I.E.S Framework

The P.I.E.S Framework

Are you looking for tool or framework that will help you to choose which is the best test to start your experiments? At Growth Hacking School we use a framework that has a wide usage by several of companies worldwide. Hubspot being one of them. This framwork is called...

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