Define your ICP (Ideal Customer Profile)

If there’s one way to make your marketing and sales efforts more effective, then it’s this.

Your products or services have a certain value. And that value is the highest for a specific kind of audience.

For example: you’re selling a SAAS solution and for one type of company it always seems to be a struggle when it comes to pricing and for the other, it’s never a problem at all.

Define your Ideal Customer Profile, in this document from Growth Hacking School
Ideal Customer Profile Template | Growth Hacking School

So what you should do is to go into hyperfocus on that part of the audience where the match in value is the highest! 🎯

These are some benefits when you target more on your ICP:

  • ✅ Develop precise target lists for Marketing and Sales to enhance lead quality.
  • ✅ Generate qualified leads of superior quality with a higher probability of conversion.
  • ✅ Enhance marketing campaigns by targeting the right audience, resulting in quicker sales cycles.
  • ✅ Implement ABM campaigns that reach potential buyers at the ideal moment.
  • ✅ Create personalized, value-oriented content that is shared throughout the B2B marketing funnel.
  • ✅ Boost the lifetime value of customers.
  • Improve brand recognition.
  • ✅ Consistently exceed goals and increase revenue.

Download the template now and start:

1. Creating your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
2. Answering the interview questions you should use to interview your ICP
3. One single template to specify your ICP

Happy researching! 🚀


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